Handbook to Finding the Very Best Roofer in Columbus

It is great that a roofer in Columbus can help you with your current roofing requirements. As part of being a home owner, you are really bound to face certain roofing problems as your house gets older. A roof typically … Continue reading

Shopping for Your new Roof around the Columbus Area

Columbus ohio area roofing can be tricky. With the range of weather the area is afflicted with, you’ll want to make sure you are getting a roofing solution which is able to withstand everything. It needs to be able to … Continue reading

Weird Choice of Roofing Material

By now you should be familiar with the standard choices of roofing material, Slate, Tile, Metal, Shingles….it’s all pretty basic, but there are some people out there that go out of their way to find some unique roofing materials. I’ll … Continue reading

Designing an Eco Friendly Roof

A lot of planning goes into designing a green or eco friendly roof, you will need to consider factors like structural integrity, cost, efficiency and capabilities will be the deciding factors when choosing your design. when choosing what design elements … Continue reading

Bizarre Roofing Superstitions

Throughout history many different cultures have developed diverse superstitions regarding the roof. It’s quite understandable for them to do so since a roof provides not only shelter from the rain, snow, hail and other elements it also provides comfort and … Continue reading