Designing an Eco Friendly Roof

A lot of planning goes into designing a green or eco friendly roof, you will need to consider factors like structural integrity, cost, efficiency and capabilities will be the deciding factors when choosing your design. when choosing what design elements you want to include in your roof, you should consider all the aspects involved with the material. aspects like the composition and source of the raw material, life cycle / durability, how much maintenance will be required, and disposal. it is vital to remember that Often there are tradeoffs: a very durable and efficient material (such as metal) can require much more energy to produce.

Basic Planning, first you will need to decide if you are going for a low impact roof, a power generating roof or a green roof. Low impact roofs have lower ecological impact for roofing material production and saves money on day to day operational costs. Power Generating roofing will generate electricity, heat water saving money and the environment by decreasing the cost and pollution caused by traditional power plants. Green roofs act as a a rooftop garden, they’re beautiful, provide awesome insulation, and help remove pollution from the atmosphere and can even be used to grow your own food.

When Designing a Low impact roof, Picking your roofing material is the first step. when Deciding on the material for your new roof it’s important to take all factors into account. You will want to think about Things like the cost of the roof, how transporting and creating the roofing material impacts the environment, as well as the longevity of your roof.

Wood shingles, such as cedar shakes, are natural, however wood shakes (or shingles) are typically harvested from old growth forests and usually can’t pass fire code unless they are treated with toxic fire retardant chemicals.

Metal roofs are some of the coolest roofs around, both in temperature and in looks for homes. Metal Roofing is available in stainless steel, Copper and aluminum, metal roofing can have a nice percentage of recycled content. They have good insulation, solar reflectance, and durability metal roofing usually lasts twice as long as wood or asphalt.

Slate is the most durable roofing material, Slate Roofing lasts a long time, typically the fasteners that adhere it to the roof deck wear out after about 100 years long before the slate roofing itself wears out. As a natural material, slate roofing is both extremely durable and also recyclable. Slate Roofing is available in a wide variety of colors and Slate Roofing’s variation of color is part of what adds to the unique appearance of slate roofing.

Overflowing with elegance, Tile roofing can boast the ability to last over 50 years tile roofing has good insulation value, and tile roofing is great for fire resistance. Tile Roofing can also be lighter colors that follow the cool roof standards and can reflect well over 50% of the sun’s solar energy.

Eco Friendly, or green Roofing is a complicated subject, hopefully this article has cleared things up a bit for you.